In the mid-oughts, the cost of digital video equipment became affordable, and Internet streaming became a reality. Because of
my background as an art director and design
er, I immediately saw the benefits in taking advantage of these developments.


Also, video production seemed like a fun application of my various skills.


To gain experience, I taped artists that I
knew pro bono. To help the artists gain exposure I created a vlog, and I soon found that there was a great deal of interest
from cable TV channels. Many of the videos were also screened in art galleries.


I personally handled all of the camerawork, audio, editing, interviews and other elements of production, including the music in some cases.


In the past ten years, I have created over 60 videos for individuals as well as commercial and non-profit businesses. I have included short samples of some of these projects here.

An outdoor art installation based loosley on the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

A visual overview of a company that specializes in hardscaping, custom outdoor environments, design services, excavation and installation.

Philadelphia Museum of Art curator, Peter Barbiere, walks us through "Unsettled: Photography and Politics in Contemporary Art".

Family owned builder of single family homes, townhomes, condominiums, and active-adult housing.

A short clip from a 46 minute film produced as the photojournalist fellow at The International Turning Exchange.



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© 2014 copyright Vincent Romaniello

© 2014 copyright Vincent Romaniello

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